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Brothers and sisters:
The Regional Assembly, hosted in an Indigenous Community (Ayacucho - Peru), is a gift of the Mother Earth, a fruit of the efforts of the URI family.

From the spirits of the Indigenous Peoples, it is a dream close to complete, and hoped for more than 500 years - to have our brothers and sisters of different religions, indigenous traditions and spiritual expressions talking of our achievements, of our dreams, of our realities, and of our projects.
We know that this effort of being able to meet with each other, sharing a glance, a table, a dance, a prayer, a song and listening to our brother birds, and to brother wind that brings to us the air so that we can breathe, already with this, our dreams have been fulfilled.
Charles, you remember, that day that you arrived in Argentina (1997), I saw you as a man full of hopes and with great dreams, at the beginning I had many doubts if it would be a reality this dream of Bishop Swing, for at that time I was very busy as always in my life, I was supposed to take an exam in my faculty department, but I let go of the test and didn't go to complete it, because in URI I had another important area of study to complete, here I only hope that I have passed this class, that URI has given me the opportunity to take.

You all, my brothers and sisters of North America, have given us much hope, much happiness, each one of you all have planted a seed, and now this plant is growing, though it is still not ripe, and thus it is necessary that we give it water so that it can continue growing and so that later we can all feed ourselves of the fruits of it.
We invite you all to join in spirit with the gathering of the Indigenous Peoples' MCC, that will take place beginning on the 20th of November in an Indigenous Community. The 20th and the 21st we will gather to await the sun very early in the morning and to give to the Mother Earth our happiness. We will be gathered, members of the Indigenous CCs, exchanging our achievements, our happiness, and it will be an opportunity that URI gives to us, to meet us as Indigenous peoples with different religions, Indigenous traditions and spiritual expressions.
I hope for all of you to feel the happiness that nature gives us, and for the spirits that come from the Mother Earth...

Rosalía, Pueblo Kolla
ESPIRITU DEL VIENTO - Spirit of the Wind

In my culture, I am the wind, at times calm other times windy, of this last (characteristic) it can scare me, but it is the wind in the end, it is thus so.


Dr. Munirah Shahihi/Dushambe - Der CC des Dialoges und der Kulturen veranstaltete anlässlich des Internationalen Friedenstages eine Konferenz im Ziodullo Shahidi Museum für Musikkultur und an der Universität für Slawistik in Dushambe.

Mehr als 1.500 Teilnehmer kamen zusammen, um vielleicht zum ersten Mal seit vielen Jahren direkte Gespräche zwischen Muslimen und Christen zu führen. Vertreter der Universität zu Dushambe sprachen über Koransuren und Aussprüche des Propheten Muhammad, die sich Frieden, Offenheit und Gastfreundschaft als Wesensmerkmale des Islams beschäftigen.

Der Leiter der russisch-protestantischen Kirche in Dushambe sprach über die Art der christlichen Andacht, und sang mit seiner Gemeinde Lieder, die ähnlich klangen wie die der Muslime.

Der Leiter der Baptisten-Gemeinde sprach von der Notwendigkeit, für den Frieden zu beten. Es wurden Kerzen angezündet und Lieder in vielen unterschiedlichen Sprachen gesungen um der Hoffnung eine Stimme zu geben.

Das Seminar "Dialog der Religionen für eine Kultur des Friedens" wurde an der Universität für Slawistik gehalten. Der Vortrag über islamische Toleranz gegenüber unteschiedlichen Kulturen führte zu vielen Fragen, gerade bei den Studenten.

Der UN-Beauftragte Vladimir Schmidt tauschte mit den Studenten viele interessante und konstruktive Meinungen aus.


As I mentioned to you on the telephone an interfaith delegation along with URI CC members from India went to Pakistan on a goodwill mission and to pay homage to Baba Bulle Shah, a great Muslim Sufi Saint who enjoys great respect both in India and Pakistan and amongst all faiths.

This delegation was led by Dr. Nirmala Deshpande leader of the URI CC in Delhi along with Dr.T.D. Singh, leader of the URI CC in Eastern India, Mr. P.S. Dhindsa, leader of the URI CC in Chandigarh and Mr. Ashwani Kumar, leader of the URI CC in Patiala. The delegation also included Rev. Karam Masih, Bishop of North India, Dr. Sudhamahi Ragunathan, Vice-Chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute, Dr. A.K. Merchant, Vice President of Bahai faith, Dr. Kuljeet Shelley, Prof. Madan Gopal Singh and Prof. Sadique Ali of the University of Delhi.

The delegation visited the Grand Mosque and Gurdwara Dera Sahib in Lahore built in the memory of fifth Guru, Arjan Dev, who was martyred in Lahore. This is a unique symbol of religious co-existence where a Gurdwara and a Mosque are peacefully coexisting next to each other.

At the grave of Baba Bulle Shah the URI CC members offered a Chaddar (sheet offered as a mark of respect) and their prayers for world peace.
I thought I should share this with you and through you with other CC members.

With best wishes,
Mohinder Singh